Seafood Revolution

Best restaurant in Warsaw!


Lobster revolution – on Sunday you can have the whole lobster for only 99 zł!
Obviously the lobster is fresh, caught in front of your eyes from our lobster tank.
These delicate crayfish inspire not only chefs and culinary critics, so we offer this luxurious delicacy to all foodies at a reasonable price. We have fresh lobsters on our menu, and their noble, unique flavour can be underlined by a glass of champagne chosen especially for the occasion.

Fresh seafood at home (shrimp among other things)

We offer a selection of our freshest seafood also to take away – you pay only 150 zł for a kilo of live lobster and 10 zł for oysters fine de claire. We also offer shrimp (Warsaw). Since we are direct importers of produce, we can realize your order all year round, according to the clients’ personal needs.

All you can eat

Something for seafood lovers! Each Saturday you can allow yourself a big feast composed of different kinds of seafood such as oysters, calamari, fish, octopus and shrimp. You don’t have to think about the check, since you always pay 119 zł, no matter how much you eat.
If you want to benefit from our offer, make a reservation at least a day in advance. L’Arc Restaurant Warsaw invites our patrons for an amazing feast which they will remember for a long time.