Restaurant – Mokotów L’Arc

Fresh seafood 7 days a week

Not only connoisseurs know this rule: if you want to eat fresh seafood, you should plan your meal on Thursday. But why wait until then, when you can dine on oysters, mussels and shrimp any day of the week? Just visit us!

What makes us s unique? We have lobster and oyster tanks from which we fish fresh seafood especially for our guests. You are guaranteed to eat produce that hasn’t been frozen and didn’t travel half the world before landing on your plate, which is very important when it comes to seafood.

Lobsters and oysters for a refined Christening celebration?

There is a reason why we sell the most lobsters in Poland. We recommend lobster with confit lemon and truffle risotto or lobster salad with hollandaise sauce. It is always prepared with clarified butter which makes the meat melt in the mouth.

When reading our menu, don’t skip the oysters. We have the biggest selection in Warsaw – fine de claire from Holland, Ireland, Normandy, Oleron island as well as from Belona and Ostra Regal. We serve them raw, smoked and baked. We are certain you can find something in our oyster menu to fit your taste.

It’s going to be spectacular!

Once upon a time fire on the plate made a powerful impact – we all remember flambéed crêpes. Now it’s low temperature that dominates culinary shows. For those seeking new experiences when it comes both to flavour and the visual, we have prepared a show starring liquid nitrogen.

Thanks to liquid nitrogen we can freeze produce very quickly – so quickly that flavours and aromas do not evaporate. Although such shows can be seen on TV, it is not possible to give a reflection of the guests’ culinary experience – you just have to experience it live. You can also plan a Christening celebration that your guests will never forget.

Glass of champagne?

„Champagne is the king of all wines” – Johann Strauss once said. It’s the only wine that can be enjoyed with every dish, day and night, before the meal, during the meal and also afterwards. The only real champagne originates in France, in the Champagne region.

IL’Arc restaurant located in Mokotów district, offers champagne by the glass at a great price. This golden, sparkling drink is usually enjoyes on special occasions – but isn’t every great meal a special occasion?

It’s worth mentioning that our restaurant L’Arc also organizes special events such as Christening celebrations.